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a harry/ginny icontest

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Hello and welcome to hg_challenge, an icon contest for the relationship between Harry Potter characters Ginny Weasley and Harry Potter

Please follow, understand and agree to all these rules before participating in the challenges on this community;

♥ There will be a BASE theme, and another OPTIONAL theme, which the Mod who is posting the challenge can choose what the subject of the icons will be of.

♥ All icons must be 100x100

♥ No animations, unless stated so in the theme.

♥ No blending, please

♥ When voting, please do NOT vote for yourself, or vote because someone who entered asked you to.

♥ This is stricly Harry/Ginny shipping. Please, no other pairings. Thanks

♥ Lastly, have fun!



If you wish to affilate with hg_challenge, let one of the mods know in a post on the community

Mod - sunlitdays
Co-Mod - thenarnianqueen

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